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Mother’s Day on Good Things Utah

Posted on: April 23rd, 2015

Mother’s Day is less than a few weeks away. Today I suggest these gifts to make mom happy on her special day.

On set Good Things Utah

On set Good Things Utah

Watch the segment here:

Mom will have perfect hair every time with Freeze It Hair 12-In-One Amazing Leave In Treatment. New from It Hair Care is the 12 IN ONE AMAZING LEAVE IN TREATMENT. This is a 12 solutions in one bottle! From detangling, reducing frizz,creating shine and providing thermal protection from hot tools, Infused with Abyssinian Oil, 12 IN ONE. Addresses 12 common hair care concerns in one. It is fortified with Abyssinian Oil. It repairs dry, damaged hair, creates shine, reduces frizz with thermal protection it protects color and is -not tested on animals

Celebrity Gene offers unique items, such as a pendant necklace, that incorporate DNA from any person (dead or alive) into them, while keeping the DNA’s integrity and information intact. Imagine a guitar pick infused with Jimmy Hendrix’s DNA or shoes with Michael Jordan’s DNA in the soles. Currently, Celebrity Gene is selling DNA pendant necklaces of America’s most notorious Gangster, Al Capone, along with past celebs such as Justin Bieber, Princess Diana and Elvis! For each product sold, Celebrity Gene gives a portion of sales back to the charity of the celebs choice, as the company truly believes in helping others

Oh My DeVita Baby products are Vegan, Paraben Free, Gluten Free with No GMO’s.BUBBLY BABIES (body wash & shampoo in Fragrance Free & Calming Calendula) is a 2 in 1 body wash/shampoo – provides perfect cleaning for babies and kids. It’s gentle, tear-free & moisturizing – quick rinse – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) FREE. It’s Organic Aloe Vera Base – with supportive vitamins & natural nourishers. BUTTER CHEEKS (skin soothing balm) is a Barrier balm helping protect and soothe bum & sensitive spots with a Vegan Probiotic blend adding an army of “good guys” to the skin. Handy roll-up easy glide application – helps relieve & restore stressed skin fast. FLUTTERBY BRULEE (moisturizing lotion Fragrance Free) is an everyday all over lotion for all ages. It’s fragrance free and non-greasy. Organic Aloe Vera with Shea Butter helps relieve dry skin naturally. It is perfect for bonding baby back rubs! POWDER PUFF (dusting powder) is a Safe Talc-Free vegan probiotic blend adding an army of “good guys” to the skin. It’s GMO Free. Organic Cornstarch & Zinc Oxide help absorb and protect with a Silky smooth no-grit natural stay fresh feel.

Bee Friendly Skin Care Products include products like Raw Honey Facial, Organic night cream, Eye serum, Body cream and Lip balm. Bee Friendly is Handmade in small batches by Beekeepers in Hawaii.. Try using the Honey mask followed by the serum and cream moisturizer. BeeFriendly products are Organic . Honey has been used as a topical antibiotic since the Egyptians wrote papyrus prescriptions. Honey is a natural preservative. It can remain preserved in a completely edible form.These preservative qualities transfer over to your skin. Bee Friendly Skin Care Products keep you looking younger and healthier.

Destiny Candle creates a luxurious body oil lotion candle. It’s made from all natural ingredients like coconut oil and Shea butter. Non gno, no animal testing/cruelty free, and made in the US. The candle burns and melts into a warm oil that you can rub safely all over your body like a moisturizing lotion.

Light it before you get into the shower and rub on like lotion when you get out. The amazing added bonus is each candle comes with a ring inside. The ring can be valued anywhere from $10 to $10,000.Send destiny candle an email and they will respond with the value of the ring. “I love you mom” is brand new and exclusive for Mother’s Day Candle. It’s featured in the newest scent cherry vanilla blossom. It’s a great gift for that hard to shop for mom because it’s unexpected and it’s three gifts in one: candle, body oil, ring! Use coupon code goodthings to receive 20% off your order at checkout on any purchase

Morning Glamour was born in 2011, when Kristen Lantz and her sister had an epiphany after switching to satin pillowcases. They realized that satin offers a surprising amount of beauty benefits, from tame morning hair to fewer wrinkles. The difference was so palpable, they realized that they were getting real “beauty sleep.” It was then that they determined that satin pillowcases should be sold in beauty aisles everywhere. Thus came Morning Glamour, the company that redefines how you rest. Morning Glamour pillowcases provide a smoother surface for your hair strands, which reduces matting, breakage, tangling, and snagging. Cotton pillowcases suck moisture from your skin (translation: that $90.00 face cream you put on at night is hydrating your pillow, not your face.) Satin pillowcases are non-absorbent, helping your skin maintain maximum moisture. They also help prevent wrinkles, allowing you to wake up with smooth, clear skin every morning. The stay-put pocket flap also ensures that these satin pillowcases will stay in place as you rest, ensuring you get the full benefits of sleeping on satin.



Its almost time…

Posted on: April 22nd, 2015

Happy to say I have less than 20 days till my first “Disneyland-Tinker Bell ½ Marathon”. I have been training 3 times a week for the past 4 months, and following there plan for first time ½ marathon runners. I have to say it works-running twice a week for 30 minutes a day, and a longer run on the weekends! A few weeks ago we (my sister-in law) and I, did 13.1 miles so know I can do it, but still excited for the big day. My main goal is to not go so slow that the Padddy Wagon picks me up. The good news is although this is a ½ Marathon, not really about time , but being able to run through the park, take pictures with characters, and go places the public is not allowed. I have had great support and advice, and wanted to share some tips.

Dawn Running

Dawn Running

I have learned that Toe Sox really help me out as my toes were cramping after mile 7 (toe sox separate your toes and have size XS since my feet are a 6 ½ so no more sock movement) and that shoes by On Running shoes were better for my feet since I have very high arches then the original Asics I purchased. Also, key to have a good pair of running pants-still working on which are my favorite, and a GREAT running Bra if you have size “C” or “D” boobs..These two brands really give you good coverage and support while still looking cute…

Sauconys Bounce Trouncer have been life savers. They have adjustable back hooks and straps. I am mentioning all these products as I have spent a few hundred dollars on stuff that has just not been comfortable or supportive. Being the product junkie I am, I really need to find stuff that worked for me.

I do feel a fitness segment once again is in my future, and this has been a journey for me as I have only ever did a 10k and thought that was going to kill me. If you truly set your mind to something, make the commitment, you can do it. I do feel like the picture attached and stay tuned for the final re-cap!


McKenzie Westmore beauty launch

Posted on: April 18th, 2015

Congrats and Tune in this weekend on QVC with my good friend McKenzie Westmore. She will be launching her new cosmetic line- Westmore Beauty starting with a sheer to full coverage foundation and concealer. It will air Saturday, April 18th later in the evening. Check out the QVC guide for the time in your area. She has talked about her own line since I first met her. Excited for her beauty launch.

Mckenzie Westmore

Mckenzie Westmore

Westmore Beauty

Westmore Beauty


What NOT to do to your skin

Posted on: March 18th, 2015

On Arizona Midday I shared 10 tips on what not to do to your skin.

On Arizona Midday

On Arizona Midday

Watch the segment here:

Many beauty experts talk a lot about what you can do to nourish, hydrate and protect your skin, but there are also many things you should not do to your skin. There are many products with incredible ingredients that can improve and protect your skin, and good healthy habits, like wearing sunscreen and washing makeup off at night, that make a big difference.

Some of the best ways to enhance your skin actually have to do with what you don’t do to it! So here are 10 things you should never do if you want to maintain healthy, radiant skin.

1. Never pick at your skin! Picking at the skin on your face will only push dirt and bacteria deeper into pores, resulting in more breakouts. You can even cause a scaring by squeezing a pimple/zit. Endure it in the short term to save your skin in the long term. There are great over-the-counter products that will dry out the skin as well as many other great acne treatments on the market.

2. Never ​Test Too Many Products To avoid a skin nightmare, always test new products — cosmetics, lotions, and cleansers — on a small patch of skin on your inner arm. There’s nothing worse than having a severe reaction across your entire face.

3. ​Don’t ​Forget to clean your cell phone. Hours spent talking on your cell phone can lead to breakouts and rashes along your jawline and cheek. Make sure to keep antibacterial wipes with you to keep your phone (and skin!) clean.Use speakerphone whenever possible, you would be surprised at the bacteria on your phone…some say worse than a womens purse!

4. Never use expired products. This includes not only cleansers and moisturizers, but makeup as well. Eye products in particular should never be used past their expiration date, as they can cause severe irritation and even serious infection. Don’t think you’re saving money by using expired products. You’ll spend far more on products to clear up irritation and infections than you would by simply buying replacements.

5. Never yo-yo diet. Constant yo-yo dieting can negatively impact your skin: Frequent weight gain and loss can cause the fibers in your skin to loosen over time, creating stretch marks and sag. Eating too little food can cause skin to age faster, you can look gaunt, but too much food can lead to bloating, especially if you eat food laden with salt. Both of these states are bad, but bouncing between the two is even worse. Instead, try and reach a healthy weight and maintain it.

​6. Don’t forget to ​ Remov​e​ Makeup
When you sleep in your makeup, you’re basically asking for wrinkles. Falling asleep with your makeup on can lead to bacterial infections and clogged pores, which can cause acne. And, the residue that stays on your pillow can even make you sick. Keep makeup removing wipes next to your bed so you’ll be reminded nightly to remove your harmful makeup.

7. Don’t skip Sunscreen
We’ve all been told to never skip the sunscreen, but it’s often tempting when many of us spend our days indoors. Also, you don’t even realize just driving in your car, how much damage happens even if your windows are tinted Even a few minutes of sun exposure can lead to a breakdown of collagen though and that leads to fine lines and wrinkles. It’s recommended to wear sunscreen every day, rain or shine, so that you don’t get sun damage. Choose an SPF 30 and one that has zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

8. Don’t Pre-tan at a Salon
Pre-tanning at a tanning salon to get ready for the sun at the beach isn’t the great idea that it’s been cut out to be. In fact, whether you acquire a tan quickly for that party or trip, or slowly, you still damage your skin. Just like the sun, artificial tanning equipment beds and sun lamps emit UV rays that can cause burns, premature aging, and skin cancers, especially if you’re a higher risk, fair-skinned person who produces less melanin.

​9. Don’t ​Smok​e​-Just don’t do it!
You’ve heard about the risks of smoking (like lung cancer, heart disease, and emphysema). But have you ever noticed that the skin of elderly smokers tends to have a yellowish coloration? Next to sun exposure, smoking is the highest factor in wrinkling. In other words, smoking makes you look older!

​10. Never Over Exfoliat​e​ & ​always use ​the Right Make-up Remover To much exfoliation removes the oil from your skin. As much as we want to exfoliate daily, some exfoliating scrubs might just be too harsh and cause redness and for your skin to become irritated. Our skin naturally sheds thousands of skin cells daily so just be careful. Lastly, use the right make-up remover that does not dry out and strip your skin.
Clearly, having healthy skin habits is just as much a matter of what you don’t do as what you do. It’s also important for you to understand what type of skin you have in order to truly benefit from products.

For more information, please feel free to contact
​or visit ​


Get ready for spring on Arizona Midday

Posted on: March 18th, 2015

Here are a selection of Spring products that are sure to make you happy and ready to take on Spring and Summer.

Spring time on Arizona Midday

Spring time on Arizona Midday

Watch the segment here:

Available at Nordstroms and Urban Outfitters Kocostar Foot Therapy and Split End therapy are great Body and Hair products for spring. Foot Therapy packed full of hypoallergenic, beautifying botanicals that will treat your feet to an exfoliating staycation. Simply pop out the cute booties, snip them in half and slip your feet in. Set the tabs for a snug fit and your treatment has begun! A nourishing and soothing hair treatment that hydrates and rejuvenates dry and damaged hair. Professional salon steam technology creates soft & silky locks in 15 – 20 minutes.

Probelle Nail Hardener and Nail Maintenance (with Garlic & Lime) work as a nail repair team. Nail Hardener (Formula 1) will cure, repair, and restore damaged nails that are thin, cracking, or peeling in 4 weeks. Applied on a daily basis and removed weekly. Nail Maintenance (Formula 2) will maintain nails healthy and using garlic and lime nails will be protected against fungus and maintained white. Applied with every manicure as a base coat. FOCUS: Nail Health, strength, and flexibility. Probelle Nail Lacquer it a thinner type of formula focusing on spreading nail lacquer evenly throughout the nail plate making natural manicures last up to 12 days in excellent condition. Nail Lacquer is DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde free.

Available at AJ stores Sassy Clips take a plain flip flop and make it into an extraordinary one. From fashion style flips as Haviannas, Ipanemas, Nike, Crocs, to Orthopedic Styles with Arches, Sassy Clips can turn any flip flop from Ordinary to Extraordinary. There are 100 different Sassy Clips designs to choose from, petite to larger designs. Great for giving for any occasion as a gift, as you don’t need to know someones shoe size, as Sassy Clips fit on any flip flop .Mothers Day, Teacher Gift, Birthday, Bridal Party Favors and more.

NECK LINX are revolutionary for mens style. Its been over 100 years since a new man’s accessory has been invented. NECK LINX did it. The styling is unique in its comfort system with the easy attachment of magnets at the collar and the NECK LINX themselves. The LINK TABS are held in place inside the collar and the NECK LINX will attach to the outside collar as opposed to wrapping around the neck. This is a fashion neckwear design that has never been seen before in the industry. NECK LINX are comfortable, yet stable and stylish accessory in a variety of combinations. This combination of magnets and neckwear is creating a new niche market in an already current, dull environment–a true departure from the “uniform” typical suit.

A benefit is the time savings attachment method; it just clicks into place and can be adjusted for comfort and keep the neck area cooler. Hair Shots is an on the go hair sweetening product. It is a heat activated hair perfume. All hair types can use it. It will not add oil Or dry your hair out. Hair Shots are perfect for sports, Pilates or just a great Long lasting scent after you shampoo. Try: Apple Pear, Strawberry, Coconut Mango and more.

Grab Green is an amazing line of eco-responsible home care products. The brand promise: effective, eco responsible, healthier, amazing fragrances. From Laundry, to Automatic dishwashing detergent, garbage disposal cleaners, room and fabric fresheners and more, all of the products are made from naturally derived, plant and mineral based ingredients.If we get the packaging: New packaging that offers a true sensory experience. New cookware and bakeware cleaner can be used on the finest cookware and bakeware. Just sprinkle the powder, let soak for 5 or 10 minutes. No scrubbing!

COUPON CODE: DAWNGG30 for Offer: 30% off of online purchase at

Websites :


Bon Voyage bad skin

Posted on: March 8th, 2015

Say Bon Voyage to Bad Skin… Dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt Reveals Skincare Tips for Travelers Escaping the Wrath of Winter 2015



This winter has proven to be one of the worst in years. From relentless snow to icy roads, many people are feeling frigid temps for warmer climates. However, traveling puts additional stress on you and your skin. Regardless of whether you are traveling by car or plane, for business or pleasure, New York & New Jersey board certified dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt’s must-know skin travel tips will help make your time away more relaxing and leave your skin rosy on arrival.

For Frequent Flyers
The re-circulated air on planes is five times drier than the desert and the lack of humidity causes loss of moisturizer. The air inside the cabin of a plane usually has a humidity level of 10 to 20 percent — much lower than a comfortable typical indoor humidity of 30 to 65 percent. All of which combines to equal skin desperately in need of moisture.

“Most people realize that flying can cause skin to dry out and breakout, but they may not know why,” says Dr. Baxt. “Whenever the environment is moisture-free such as with recirculated air in a plane cabin – the air actually draws moisture from wherever it can, including the skin. Dry skin will tend to get drier and oily skin will get even oilier to compensate for dehydration.”

Dr. Baxt recommends the following travel itinerary for your skin whether you’re taking a quick weekend getaway or going for the long haul.

Un-Happy Hour: Don’t Drink Alcohol on the Plane. “Alcohol is very dehydrating. While it may help to relax you if you’re nervous about flying, the effect of alcohol will be dry skin,” says Dr. Baxt. “Drink water, and read a magazine or book or bring along your iPod. Having something to distract you will help you as much, if not more than a glass of wine. If you just can’t pass it up, drink lots of water afterward.”

Bring a Hydrating Mist for In-Flight Treatment. A hydrating mist is perfect for in flight application. Dr. Baxt recommends spraying a couple of pumps onto your face for instant hydration. It also feels great and helps cool you down if you’re on a warm airplane.

Skip the Salty Snacks. Airport food is not very skin-friendly. “While peanuts and pretzels may look delicious, salt can cause swelling,” warns Dr. Baxt. “Instead, snack on fruits and vegetables like carrots and apples, which are filled with water.”

It’s Time to Takeoff…Your Makeup! If you wear makeup, keep it to a minimum on the flight. “Airplane air is dry and can exacerbate your makeup’s drying-out effects on your skin can which can lead to breakouts and your pores becoming clogged on the flight,” says Dr. Baxt. “Opt for tinted moisturizer if you cannot bear not having any make-up on; and use lip balm in lieu of lipstick as the cabin air is dry lips tends to feel a little dryer while on the flight.”

Puffy Eyes. Jet lag always shows through your skin but mostly in the eyes. Lack of sleep due to possible time changes can have you looking sleepy and puffy. Don’t forget to stash an eye cream that contains caffeine for that quick “pick-me-up” if needed. Another option? “Carry green tea bags with you on the plane,” says Dr. Baxt. “A half hour before landing, ask the flight attendant for hot water and soak a few minutes. Add ice to cool down the bags, and apply cool green tea bags to your eyelids before landing. The green tea has antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to decrease puffiness so you’ll look your best when you land.”

Your Travel Beauty Bag: What to Pack
With the ever-changing airline baggage regulations and costly baggage fees, it’s important to have a checklist of the essential skincare products you need when traveling. “If you’re headed on a trip, you can’t bring every makeup, skincare and hair care product from your bathroom,” says Dr. Baxt. “Plan ahead and pack smart when traveling.”

Weather-Proof Your Skincare Products. Pick and pack skin products based on the climate of your destination. “For snowbirds, when going to a warm, humid destination, pay extra attention to exfoliation in order to reduce the dead skin cells trapped by excess moisture, and pack a cleanser with salicylic acid,” suggests Dr. Baxt. If Aspen or Vail is your destination, it’s all about deep moisture when it comes to locations that have low temperatures and high altitudes. “To function properly, the epidermis needs to maintain a certain moisture level; in the winter, low temperatures, low humidity, and strong wind deplete skin of its natural protective barrier, allowing that level to drop,” says Dr. Baxt. And wherever you’re going, remember one last tip: sunscreen should be the first thing you throw in your bag.

Hotel Beauty Products: Checking In or Out? People often breakout when they’re on vacation, because hotel products are typically made for people with normal to dry skin. In lieu of using hotel toiletries while traveling, consider packing a few key essentials in your travel beauty bag. “Hotel soaps can be very drying and overly scented,” warns Dr. Baxt. “Beware if you have sensitive skin and remember to bring your own toiletries.”

About Rebecca Baxt, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.A.D.

Dr. Rebecca Baxt

Dr. Rebecca Baxt

Rebecca Baxt, MD, MBA, FAAD is a Board Certified Dermatologist specializing in both cosmetic and general dermatology for adults and children. Attending Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Baxt graduated Summa Cum Laude Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in English Literature. She continued her studies at the University of Pennsylvania for medical school and completed an internship in Internal Medicine. She also obtained an MBA from the Wharton School of Management in Health Care administration.

Upon graduation, she moved to New York to train in Dermatology at New York University (NYU) School of Medicine in the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology, where she was a chief resident and the recipient of the Morris Leider award for excellence in patient care. She continues to teach Dermatology at NYU where she is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology. She joined her parents at Baxt Cosmedical in 2000 in Paramus, New Jersey and most recently opened an office on Madison Avenue in New York in 2012. She is a nationally recognized certified Allergan Botox, Juvederm and Voluma trainer, and was part of the Voluma launch faculty in 2013. Dr. Baxt is on staff at The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood NJ, as well as Bellevue Hospital in NY. She also volunteers at Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative in Hackensack in the Dermatology clinic.

Dr. Rebecca Baxt has been voted a Top Doctor for Dermatology in Bergen County, New Jersey for 2012, 2013, 2014 by her peers. She lectures throughout the country on treatment of acne and acne scars and has been on faculty for the ASDS and ASLMS meetings. Dr. Rebecca Baxt maintains many society affiliations. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, a member of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, New Jersey State Medical Society, Bergen County Medical Society, and the Dermatological Society of Greater New York, as well as the American Medical Association. She is a member of the Skin Cancer Foundation, and always volunteers free skin cancer screenings yearly.

Dr. Rebecca Baxt treats both adults and children, and specializes in cosmetic consultations and procedures. She also has a particular interest in acne and rosacea. She performs Botox injections, Chemical peels, Intense Pulsed Light Photorejuvenation/Photofacial procedures, Isolaz Acne Treatments, Laser Hair Removal, Facial Filler injectables (Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Sculptra, etc.), Leg Vein injections, Smooth beam Laser, Photodynamic Therapy, Vbeam Laser, Fraxel Laser resurfacing and Ultherapy. She treats all skin conditions and she performs Skin Cancer screenings and treatments.

For more information, please visit


Oscars 2015 final wrap up

Posted on: February 26th, 2015

Celebrities and VIPs who received LCPR/It’s a Glam Thing clients OBEDO, TatJacket and Apothederm products in their Hollywood Swag Bag in celebration of the Oscars® are:

Bradley Cooper
Oprah Winfrey
Patricia Arquette
Eddie Redmayne
Marion Cottilard
Reese Witherspoon
Julianne Moore
Diane Warren
Danielle Brisbois
Mark Ruffalo
Emma Stone
Meryl Streep
Jessica Lange
Carmen Ejogo
America Ferrera
Liam Neeson
Matt Lauer
Katherine Mariam
Petra Nemkova
John Legend
Kristy Teegan
Al Roker
Geof Bartz
Mathide Bonnefoy-
Christian Colsen
Nathan Crowley
Ava Duvernay
Gary Fettis
Paul Franklin
Ellen Goosenberg Kent
Andy Lockley
Katherine Meriam
Graham Moore
Dana Heinz Perry
Gary Rizzo
Katy Scoggin
Dirk Wilutzky
Susan Mitchell

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